Guide to Selfielevels

Q: How to register on selfielevels?

A: One can register on selfielevels using their facebook account or providing a valid email address.

Q: Can I use my application in landscape mode?

A: No the application can only be used on portrait mode.

Q: Can I edit my selfies in the application?

A: No we like you be natural, but yes you import all your selfies from Instagram.

Q: How can I import my selfies from Instagram?

A: Go to settings from user profile, there you will find option to Import selfies from Instagram. You need to authenticate your Instagram account before we can import the Images onto selfielevels.

Q: How can I change my password?

A: If you know your current password, you may change it at any time from manage account section.

Q: How can change my username?

A: To change your username, one needs to login from web browser.

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: We will be sad to let you go , to delete your account you need to send us an email to, and we do it as you say taking complete care of your privacy.

Q: I cannot login using my username & password?

A: There might be a possibility that your account be blocked by admin, just send us a mail, we will sort out for the exact problem.

Q: Can I report unfair/ disturbing content on the application?

A: Yes, you can, each selfie has an option to report it to the admin.

Q: What all platform do you support right now?

A: We support iOS, Android and all web based browsers for selfilevels. We are working on windows application which will go live in the coming months.

Q: How can I report any issue in the application that I have been using.

A: Try to restart selfielevels application by closing it once and logging out from it.

Check your mobile connection once to see if the problem has to do with your internet connection. Even if the problem persists please describe in detail the issue you are experiencing, along with any steps we can take to reproduce it & send it across